Download all you need to make your I DO film, here.

We have created the frame below, which makes making your I DO film easy as.

  • Download the frame, below, and drop it into your editing software. You will need to click on the embedded video below and go through to the vimeo page to download. (Look for this Download icon, to the right of the video’s description on vimeo ). Untitled

  • Detach the audio, and add your own footage, cropping the frame as required.
  • Add your wild line, and you should be good to go.


Alternatively, if you want a greater degree of flexibility, you can download all of the elements separately, below, or downloading from our vimeo page. Click the download arrow, to the bottom right of each clip.

IMPORTANT THING: if you are filming in the US, you are probably filming on a film rate of 23.978 frames per second so you need to download the US titles (below). Elsewhere, it will be 25 fps.






The I DO music


The ticking clock