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How to say I DO

We would ❤ you to take part in The I DO Project by making your own I DO film.

The guidelines are simple:

  • Your film must not be more than 50 seconds long.
  • We recommend the walk up to camera being about 20 seconds (you can download the music, here, so you will know how long you’ve got).
  • It must only contain in spoken form the words I DO.
  • No other words or lines of dialogue should be included.
  • One person, two people or as many people as you like can appear.
  • No title screen should be at the beginning of the film.
  • You are NOT to pose a question at the beginning of the film, either in text or spoken words, as it’s up to the audience to think about the meaning of the words I DO.
  • When you make your film, ensure you ALSO TAKE a good picture of your cast in their final position, framed as per our shots of our participants. Also take some Behind The Scenes shots (BTS), to show the people who helped out.
  • You must include the end title cards on separate screens, as per the I DO films.  Download these , here. IMPORTANT THING: if you are filming in the US, you are probably filming on a film rate of 23.978 frames per second so you need to download the US titles. Elsewhere, it will be 25 fps.
  • Between the Second and Third Title Card, you need to include a shot of you staring directly at the camera, as per the I DO films, before you go to the final title card. You can basically do what you want at this point.
  • You need to upload your I DO film to YouTube. In your title description, include the hashtags #ido #loveislove
  • In the body of your YouTube description include this text:

I DO is a statement of belief in the idea of equality and of the right of a individual to place their trust and hope in a future to be shared with the person they love. It also imagines an Australia that is more open, inclusive, diverse, welcoming, and that looks towards the future. For more information, go to‘ 

REMEMBER that your safety and the safety of your friends and family is paramount. Do not share any personal information that you feel uncomfortable people knowing.

Check out these great sites that support young LGBTIQ people: (Australia) (USA) (International)