The I Do Project

I DO is a statement of belief in the idea of equality and of the right of a individual to place their trust and hope in a future to be shared with the person they love. It also imagines an Australia that is more open, inclusive, diverse, welcoming, and that looks towards the future with hope.

I DO was created as an artists’ response to the decision of the Coalition Australian Government to run a non-binding Postal Survey around the issue of Marriage Equality (September – November 2017). The films are a collaboration between more than 20 Australian filmmakers and artists in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, London, New York and Los Angeles, while we are also calling for contributions from people all over Australia and around the world who also want to say I DO. Find out more, here.

I DO is a collaboration between Yael Stone, Kim Ho,  Daniel Henshall, Zindzi Okenyo, Dan Prichard, Laura Scrivano, Brad Francis, Lara Aqel, Joel Froome, Kate Cornish, Nikki Stevens, Gwendalina Sputore, Brendan Cain, Andrew Scott, Kurt Royan, Mitch Carr, Naethiel Lumbera, Yanni Kronenberg, Declan Diacono and Jai Leeworthy.

Online: 2nd November, 2017


Produced by: Dan Prichard, Laura Scrivano

Devised by Dan Prichard, Laura Scrivano + Kim Ho.


Original concept by Dan Prichard, On The Deck Productions