Kim Ho was born and raised in Sydney. He has made several short films for Tropfest Jr. However, he really began focusing on dramatic writing in 2012. The success of Transcendence in The Voices Project’s Love Bytes competition led to a mentorship with Tommy Murphy. Together, they developed his monologue into the short film THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE (see below), which enjoyed worldwide exposure. In 2013, he was a recipient of the Besen Family Artist Programme, Writer’s Development at Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne. Kim has won a number of awards for THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE: the Audience Award at both Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival and the Melbourne Queer Film Festival, the Rising Star Award at Honolulu’s Rainbow Film Festival, and both the Audience Award and Jury Prize at MoFest!, California.

Says Kim:

The postal survey has affected me and those I love pretty hard while the current political climate of negativity can easily get us down. It’s more important than ever therefore to love and respect one another, to look after one another, find strength in our difference and look to the future with hope and determination.

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Kim and DOP Brad

Shooting I DO, with Director Of Photography Brad Francis.